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Celebrating 50 successful years

REMI GROUP – ‘Leader in Manufacturing Reliable Products’
REMI has received a renowned stature of ‘REMI GROUP’ from the late visionary, Mr. C.K. Saraf who founded REMI in 1960. From a small manufacturing factory REMI has transformed into a versatile Group of Companies involved in the manufacturing of Alloy & Stainless Steel Tubes/Pipes, Electric Motors, Domestic Fans, Industrial Agitators and Laboratory instruments. Today, REMI comprises of 14 factories, spread over an area of over 100000 sq. mtrs and 2500 employees. REMI is now efficiently managed by the successors Mr. V.C. Saraf and Mr. R.C. Saraf. This mammoth company has expanded its manufacturing divisions as:

1. Stainless Steel Pipes
2. Industrial Agitators & Portable Mixers
3. Electric Fans
4. Electric Motors
5. Laboratory and Blood Banking Instruments

Today, REMI is recognized as one of India’s most trustworthy brands manufacturing a range of consumer durables like household fans, process plants and equipments, induction, flame proof & geared motors, stainless steel seamless and welded pipes and tubes, laboratory instruments for industries, research labs, hospitals, Blood Banks etc. The product range is marketed in 14 major Indian cities and exported in 50 countries across the world.

REMI’s manufacturing processes revolve around a focused mission of offering world class, performance based products to company’s valued customers scattered world over.

REMI is moving ahead with a vision of constantly adding more manufacturing divisions at multiple destinations for delivering high quality reliable products efficiently in India and across the world.

Since inception, REMI has transformed itself into a successful Corporate Company with a series of episodes. These milestones reflect how a small factory comprising of 10 people turned into a Manufacturing Giant, leaving behind others in the race. Each year gifted a significant growth to REMI, eventually transforming it into ‘REMI GROUP OF COMPANIES’. Starting from 1960 till present date…REMI’s accomplishments and achievements are listed below:

1960 A team of 10, produced motorized Laboratory Centrifuges & Stirrers in a small factory
1962 Started manufacturing Industrial Mixers, Agitators and Oil Field equipments
1969 First to manufacture fans for Car, Coach & Bus Fans in India.
1970 - Foray into Household segment with Domestic Mixies (Blender & Grinder)
- Introduced Geared Motors in Indian Market in technical collaboration with German Giant VEB KOMBINAT
  ELECTROMASCHINENBAU Started to manufacture Three phase & Single phase electric motors
- Started manufacturing welded Stainless steel pipes In technical collaboration with KOBE STEEL of Japan
1980-85 - REMI Sales & Engineering Ltd. became a marketing hub for all the REMI GROUP products
- Established 12 branches across India
1983-85 REMI begins to manufacture equipments & instruments used in Blood Banks & Hospitals
1992 Tarapur SS pipe plant operational with an area of 50,000 sq. mtrs.
1994 Fan Manufacturing plant set up at Mahad
2003 Appointed as National Distributors by Fenwal, USA for their ancillary products of Blood Banks.
2004 Lab Instruments Division awarded ISO-9001
2005 OE manufacturer & supplier to foreign brands for laboratory instruments.
2007 Major expansion with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of instruments division to Vasai, (outskirts of Mumbai).
2008 Appointed by Euroengel, Italy as national distributors for their professional mobile refrigerators
2008-2009 - WHO-GMP certification received for manufacturing process.
- Awarded ISO 13485:2003 for manufacturing of medical devices.
- All Instruments available with CE mark
2010 Corporate offices of all REMI Group divisions under  one roof