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Celebrating 50 successful years

Since inception, REMI functions on the basis of its core values of Integrity, Quality & Customer Focus. These powerful values form a strong foundation of REMI as they define the company’s identity as a whole. The culture, operations and decisions are all framed as per the designated core values:
It is our constant endeavour to function in consonance with the ethics and standards of corporate responsibility acceptable worldwide. This enables us to stand by our commitments and win the trust of our customers. REMI abides by these core values in all the circumstances and never compromises on any of them for achieving a goal. For us, every goal achieved in accordance with our core values is pure success.

The prime focus of REMI is delivering ‘World Class Product Quality’. To ensure that REMI meets the highest quality standards, we are well equipped with advanced manufacturing, design and testing facilities. We measure product quality on the basis of ‘Durability’, ‘Safety’ & ‘Reliability' of our products as these features decide whether a product is fit for delivery or not. REMI’s manufacturing processes and products hold certain international certifications promising ‘Best Quality’ in each model delivered:

• ISO 9001-2008 for design, manufacturing and supply
• Quality Management Systems as per ISO-13485-2003 for medical devices
• Manufacturing facility as per guidelines of WHO-GMP
• All products are CE certified and ensure compliance to European Directives for medical devices
• Calibration and validation of equipment done with traceability certificate

Customer Focus
REMI functions with the customer benefit in mind. We believe a happy customer is a sign of growth and encouragement to the company and its team.
Hence, ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is a priority for REMI. We are dedicatedly engaged in delivering professional services at affordable rates such as:

Product Enhancement
We specialize in enhancing the desired products by customizing it as per the customer’s requirements. We ensure the products manufactured and delivered prove to be authentically beneficial to the customers.

Assorted Product Range
We strive to offer a wide variety of products under one roof. REMI feels complete when the customers trust us solely as a single source provider for their desired products.

Training & Support
Our trained, experienced and qualified professionals assist the customers in product training, starting from the initial start-up assistance to providing support for pre and post installation. We make sure our customers are well informed about the product functionality so that they can use it as their work demands. Hence, a number of satisfied customers believe REMI is reliable and ethical in all its business practices.

Annual Maintenance & Support
We ensure our customers are offered timely technical and maintenance services for smooth functioning and enhanced performance of our products. Our services aim at reducing our customer’s operational cost and ensuring complete safety for avoiding any technical hazards.